Love of my life! My horror life, that is.

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to a great love of mine. Once upon a time, before I got knocked up in high school, after I went to England and became a Punk Rocker and hung out at Picadilly Circus, and after I became a Solid Gold Dancer and made-out with Andy Gibb, I was going to marry this beautiful man.

He had everything! Tall, dark and handsome, as charming as a prince, smart as..........well, something very smart, and funny as all-get-out!! Oh how I loved this man! Let's face it, I still do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs!


Amity V, Almost there kids!

Just one more to go! I'm sorry if I've bored you with my "house of horror" fascination, it's who I am.

Wait till I get a baby and ramble on about that!


Real scary stuff III! And the fact that I have eatin 5 peanut butter cups!

I went to Wally World, not the "Vacation" Wally World, but Walmart, and bought candy for the candy container at out shop. By candy container, I mean gallon size holder of sweet treats. Which also means we get lots of visitors, just stoppin by, saying "howdy" to the nuggets and poking through the selection of goodies. The chocolate ones are the first to go. So needless to say, I didn't want all the dirty, smelly, car fixers and delivery guys eatin all the heart shaped peanut butter cups before I had any for myself! It's every man for himself around here!

Now back to the horror!

Quinton Tarrintino once compaired horror movies to Reese's peanut butter cups. Boobs and gore, two great tastes that taste great together!



Part II of Real Scary Stuff!

This is a six part series, my dear friends. I know it's a lot to commit to, but it's well worth it! There's pictures of dead bodies and ghoasties and supernatural phenomenon. It's my happenin baby, and it freaks me out!!

Please to continue.....

Once again I'd like to mention that I did this all by myself! I ROCK!!


Real scary stuff!

I've been checking out some cool things on YouTube, and I found this! It's a documentary on "The Real Amityville Horror". If you know anything about me, you know how much I LOVE scary stuff!! I don't just love horror, I LOVE HORROR!

Please to enjoy!

Look Kate, I did it all by myself and I didn't even cry!!


My big, fat, exciting news!

No, I'm not attempting another diet, at least not in blogland.

Our big, fat, exciting news is that we are adopting a baby!!

This is actually been in the works for some time now, but we weren't really ready to share with the world. First of all, adoption is quite a process! I have been filling out paper work, getting numerous background checks, referrals from everyone but the pope (by the way, does anyone know his e-mail? His would be golden!), fingerprinting and verbal "whatever's" from my man-babies! Sheesh! All I want is a baby, not be president of the United States!!

Secondly, you would be surprised how many people judge you. I can't tell you how many people have asked, "Why would you do that?? Your children are already grown!" Yes, believe me, I know. I have wondered that same question myself. Why would a 40 year old woman with grown children want to start all over again raising a family?? Because, it's AWESOME!! Yes, there are nights of no sleep, and pooping and puking, tantrums in the middle of Wal-mart, and peeing your pants cuz your mom won't come in the potty with you cuz she is eating dinner (hee, hee Garrett!), and countless other reasons that mothers with young children toss at me after they hear our good news! Those words make me stop and question, "Am I making the right decision?"

I say, "YES!" I know how much work it is, but I know how rewarding it is, too! And this time I have more experience, more life under my belt. This baby won't be my "experimental" child! Lucky baby!

HP is super excited cuz he doesn't have any babies. It will be so fun to see him love a little person more than he loves his car/truck/motorcycle/shop/boat! Men are funny like that!

Bonus, I don't have to be pregnant and in high school! Which is cool all on it's own!

So, I will be filling you in on our journey into parenthood, again for some of us. I'm totally scared and I'm really excited!

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