Now that's hot!

Okay, I had a post for yesterday, but I can't get it to post. Technology. Whatever. Bring back the 80's! When things were simple. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Or was that the 60's? Hummmm.................I'll get it to work eventually. I hope.
Today I'm gonna go over my top five laminated list. For those of you that don't know what that is, you should watch more "Friends". Top five laminated list is a person/celebrity that you will never in a million years get to be be with, but if the situation actually presented itself and you got an opportunity to be with that person, it would be ok with your significant other. Kapeeseesh? We all have a laminated list. Mr Horsepower says he doesn't, but he does. He doesn't want me to feel bad about the thought of him wanting to lock lips with Halley Berry. Let's face it HP, it ain't never gonna happen. I mean she's Halley and he's a grease monkey in a small southern town. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love that about him! And if Miss Halley tried to take my man, I'd have sumpthin to say about it! But like I said, it ain't never gonna happen. Besides, I'm no Pam Anderson myself.

So with much thought and deliberation, here it is. My top five laminated list! These are not in order, just five. Thank you.

1. Bruce Campbell- The Evil Dead movies
2. Joe Bob Briggs- TNT Monstervison host
3. Ryan Gosling- The Notebook
4. Chris Noth- Mr. Big from Sex in the City
5. Mike Rowe- Dirty Jobs

There it is. As you can see, I have a thing for "tall, dark and handsome". Dark being the key word there. An interesting nose and sense of humour gets me every time! I'm a sucker for a big nose and a laugh. Now some of you may be going "Huuuuhhh?", or "Yuck!", but the list is a very personal choice. Also, this list is subject to change. I've found that as time goes by, my list evolves. My list used to consist of Billy Idol and C.Thomas Howell. While both still have their hotness, I've grown up a little. Like I have to remember to walk past the "juniors" section at Dillard's, and actually search for "trendy" women's apparel. What's wrong with a 40 year old wearing a mini skirt? I know exactly what is wrong with a 40 year old wearing a mini skirt. But if the legs hold out, isn't it okay?? Discuss.

Now I expect a surge of you commenting me back on your own top five laminated lists. I'd like to get to know you all a little better, and I think that a list like that says alot about a person. Like weather you need therapy................. or an exorcism. I promise I won't judge.

Okay, maybe just a little. My grandmother is Catholic, she's got connections.


Carrott said...

We call ours "All Time Top 5" because of the book/movie "High Fidelity" (If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it). This list has changed a bit since I last "shared" it with DH.

5. (Tie) Skeet Ulrich and John Krasinski
4. Colin Firth
3. Clive Owen
2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
1. John Cusack

If you are not sure who some of these guys are...www.imdb.com will help you out! (My fave info site!)

Katie said...

Okay, off the top of my head:
1. John Krasinski
2. Sting
3. Michael Schoeffling
4. Kyle Chandler

I'll have to get back with you on #5.

And if you've got the legs, I say why not wear a mini-skirt?

Katie said...

Oh, I know.
#5. David Duchovney....why don't you love me?

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Ok, Miss Carrott, I'm a crazy movie fanatic, so I know all of those cuties! Colin Firth! Oh Mr. Darcy, how I love you! Both Mr. Darcys'. My dear lil sis, I still think that you should have named lil Dob man Jake Ryan! Awwwww, I still have a dream that some man will rescue my panties and kiss me over cake. Pass that one to Mr.HP, would ya!